By province:

Helkas (home of the capitol)
Provincial Capitol – Vencis
Ruling House – House Luando
Head – Laurenas Elmez Luando
RC (Rep. Citizen) – Lukas Orthanc
Geology – Grassy hills, stoney beaches, thick forests
Weather – Heavy rainfall, cold winters, soft summers, medium winds
Critical Laws -

Elmas (gateway to the north)
Provincial Capitol – Ardinas
Ruling House – House Eremaitha
Head – Gregor Albas Eremaitha
RC (Rep. Citizen) – Cairn Drefendson
Geology – rolling plains, high rocky shoreline, coniferous forests
Weather – moderate rainfall, very cold winters, mild summers, heavy wind all year round
Critical Laws -

Drøhm (the storm wrought highlands)
Provincial Capitol – East Sail
Ruling House – House Boroga
Head – Golgo Boroga
RC (Rep. Citizen) – Nathanial Clementine
Geology – far stretching plains, tall grass and little change in elevation
Weather – light rainfall, heavy winds, frequent storms, harsh winters
Critical Laws -

Aroth (wland of true green hills)
Provincial Capitol – Denland
Ruling House – House Macklin
Head – Toby Ezreal Haddocy Macklin III
RC (Rep. Citizen) – Garret Armswift
Geology – deep forests, rocky hills, rocky beaches
Weather – moderate rainfall, high humidity, little or no wind, cold winters, mild summers
Critical Laws -

in between the religious hostility of the Kalyseum Elves, and the whimsical hospitality of the Pech, Fenetia is a country of much diversity and promise. Originally a human civilization, Fenetia has grown to accept migrants from many walks of life welcoming in the foods and cultures of many of the worlds dominant races as well as peoples scarcely heard of.


Also acceptably called the Free Fenetian Empire, the FFE is headed by none other than Scarazam Jackson Efrites, a rich mage philanthropist who not only incurred a revolution but ascended to the role of Congenial Emperor in doing so. At the height of Fenetian imperialism the disparity between the rich and poor had become almost disgraceful, even by imperial standards. The country was rotting and all it’s leaders could do was gorge themselves before the coming storm. However, a young nationalistic mage forged a revolution and retook Fenetia for the people using the very magic the empire had trained him to use for war. Now, he is mostly a figurehead to the people, a symbol of strength and freedom, as well as a bit of a playboy.

At a national level, decisions are made by a council of 8 provincial representatives; 1 each for the 4 Noble Houses who guard each province, and 1 elected councilman per province as chosen its citizens, with Congenial Emperor Scarazam casting the 9th vote. At the provincial level, each representative citizen (RC) is voted into office by non noble vote only. This was done to ensure that the working class received adequate representation. Additionally, the head of the noble family charged with that province becomes his or her house’s voice in parliament.
Municipally, towns may elect mayor’s, councilman and as many other office members as they see fit in whichever order best suits them, though only one candidate per town may participate in provincial elections.


Children of Vega Amujala