The Saurian Colossus

The Statue of Ethos

Deep in the jungles of the dwarves there is a ancient temple dedicated to Ethos. At its heart, in the very centre chamber there is a statue that defies wealth and riches simply by its existence. Standing nearly 10m tall, this solid gold statue depicts a blacksmith hard at work in her craft. She is a stunning image of dwarven womanhood. Strong; wide in the hips and thick in the arm, wielding a blacksmiths hammer upon a wrought iron anvil with an almost menacing smile. Perhaps more impressive still, is the detail on the nova of golden flames that surround the statue, or the fiery hair flying behind her as she works. Truly a symbol of the dedication and virtue of dwarves.

It has been recorded by many that when viewing the statue, out of the corner of ones eye the golden flames seem to flicker. Additionally, paintings created of the statue never show the same position of the flames, each artist painting them at different heights and peaks. More peculiar still is the warmth it radiates continually by which its chamber is kept abundantly humid. Though touching the statue is expressly forbidden, the few who have done so report that the effigy sizzles to the touch. It is commonly agreed upon that this statue was created to embody the beauty and power of Ethos, as if she were a dwarf herself, and to this day it serves as the model by which other such effigies are crafted. However, only the original possesses the mysterious traits that make this statue a true Wonder of Vega.

The Krissian Mega-Cathedral

The Subterranean Elven Metropolis

The Ancient Clockwork Orrery

Solemna’s Fortress Academy

The Star Stones

Krux’s Sunken Leviathan


Children of Vega Amujala