Neos The Solar centre of the star system

Associated Gender: Typically masculine, occasionally feminine
Paths – Light, Darkness and Knowledge
Alignments – Neutrality, observation, cosmic unity
Weapon – Polesword
SKills – Search, Blend, Crafting, Investigate
Avatar – (TBA)
Position in Solar System – Centre

Neos, the sun, the purpose for all life in the system. Neos creates and destroys, is, and is no more by heeding the pulse of the cosmos. Whether a thing lives or dies is beyond his control for he is merely the instrument of universal exuberance. Many revere him like a child would a father, but unlike a parent he is cold and mechanical. All of the most profound happiness, and the most heart wrenching agony can be found in realizing ones place among the stars. But, at the heart of this staggering conclusion, comes also the realization that we, all of us, gods, beasts, mountains and men, are all one.

Churches to the Sun God are plentiful. His mystics and sages are a common source wisdom and guidance to seekers of truth and lost souls the world over. Priests of Neos are commonly found in advisory positions amongst some of the most powerful leaders in Vega and are prized for their objective outlook. Neos’ priests have no real allegiance save for the passage of time, the force to which even Neos shall one day bow. This, also makes them incredibly humble. Knowing your god is humble before the passage of years is a startlingly real thing to believe and few can suffer this knowledge and persist to live.

There is another side to these believers however. In knowledge that we are all finite, comes a desire to make beauty now. Some followers forsake more traditional ruminations and instead rejoice in every moment of every day as if it were to be their last. Jubilant and bright, these priests and mystics spread love, unity and joy throughout the world in the name of the fleeting life they share. Never sad in death, they carry on rejoicing until their final day, never fearing the moment of their death.

Ethos – Lord of Change, Master of Progress, The Beneficent Flame

Associated Gender: Feminine
Paths, Fire, Metal and Strength
Alignments – Labour, Industry, Progress, Research and Development
Weapon – War Hammer
Skills – Craft, Athletics, Haggle, Tactics
Avatar – (TBA)
Position in Solar System – 1st planet from Neos

Bharana – The Glamorous Emperor, Flawless One, The Evershifting Glass

Associated Gender: Masculine
Paths – Air, Beauty, and Deceit
Alignments – Perfection, Dedication, Art, Beauty, Persistence
Weapon – Chakram
Skills – Acrobatics, Disguise, Prestidigitation, Bluff
Avatar – (TBA)
Position in Solar System – Satellite of Ethos

Tera – The Sympathetic Stone, Grandmother Emerald, The Quiet Lover

Associated Gender: Feminine
Paths – Earth, Metal, Life
Alignments – Life, Love, Balance, Naturalism, Plants/Growth
Weapon – Metal Shield
Skills – Craft, Athletics, Survival, Ride
Avatar – (TBA)
Position in Solar System – 1st Satellite of Vega

“If Tera’s love for Equis begat Vega, then Vega is a child of them both. If Vega, by the essence of love begat me, then I am a child of Vega. If we are all Vega’s children, how lucky we are to have grandparents who watch us every night while we sleep. I will pray they never cease to do so, though I believe through love, this will never happen anyway.”
-Herem Olhoomanan to Essar Ovoran

Tera, born of the dust of the cosmos, is most kind and sentimental of all deities. She is often revered as a mother figure, and aptly so since twas her love with equis that brought natural life to the system. When they had their child, Vega, born of Tera’s earth and Equis’ water, it was their unending love that helped give the magic of life to that world. Now she orbits her child as a devoted mother. Having sacrificed most of her self in order to create Vega she has also abandoned her position amongst the planets in order to watch over her child in eager anticipation of what it will become.

Equis – The Glittering One, Grandfather Sapphire, The Evermoon

Associated Gender: Masculine
Paths – Water, Life, Magic
Alignments – Life, Magic, Oceans, Harmony, Romance
Weapon – Daikyu
Skills – Prestidigitation, Disguise, Search, Ride
Avatar – (TBA)
Position in Solar System – 2nd Satellite of Vega

“Then it is settled. All we need is love. Love is all we need.”
-Essar Ovoran to Herem Olhoomanan

Followers of Equis operate by the principles of love and emotion, prizing empathy and affection above most other things. They are happy to provide marriage services not just for their convent but also for any who wish to be wed in the eyes of gods. They hold no restriction against unions based on race, class, colour or any difference. They have however become notorious in the world’s eyes for performing marriage ceremonies for same-sex partners and also partners in 3’s and 4’s, as holds with their “there is no boundary against love, as there is no barrier against life” mantra. Naturally, this has stirred up some rather aggressive sentiments in more conservative places.

In response to some violent responses, the Unified Church of Equissence has created “sanctums” around the globe. Nestled deep in forests, high atop mountains and, in some cases, deep beneath the seas people can find shrines to pure love where they may stay and live in ecstasy in exchange for their devotion. But their militant response is perhaps more impressive. Equissian soldiers and warrior priests march around the globe liberating prisoners of what they call “love crimes” by any means necessary. They are protectors and defenders of liberty and freedom highly respected in some communities and fervently hated in others.

There is much collaboration between worshippers of Equis and Tera. The two churches often cooperate on righteous endeavours and priests of either church are church are openly welcomed in both houses. Perhaps more impressively, churches of Equis will often contain small shrines to Tera, providing a place to worship in the case one of Tera’s children has need of a place to pray.

Vega – The Infant God, Favoured of the Sun, The Silent Child

Associated Gender: None
Paths, Wilderness, Nature, Beasts
Alignments – Naturalism, Neutrality, Creation, Prosperity, Equality, Wilderness, Animal Protection
Weapon – Atlatl
Skills – Survival, Search, Sneak, Ride
Avatar – (TBA)
Position in Solar System – 3rd Planet from Neos

Kris – The Righteous Blade, Brightstar, The Forsaken Light

Associated Gender: Feminine
Paths – War, Order, Destruction and Heroism
Alignments – Absolute Authority, Righteousness, Crusading, Law, Punishment, Retribution
Weapon – Halberd
Skills – Tactics, Athletics, Ride, Investigate
Avatar – (TBA)
Position in Solar System – 2nd planet from Neos

Oh how the children of Vega sing to Kris. Oh how they dance to the pious one. They offer themselves unto the brightest of all the lights, but only because it is the closest. Their idol is false. They should look more at the darkness behind them, where the real power of the cosmos dwells.
-Hec Shala Un, the Hand of Bathisda, 387 AC

Kris, by cosmic chance remained nearer to Neos than her sister and has maintained a massive superiority complex about it to this day. In her eyes, she is the favoured daughter of the Sun and it is therefore her duty to bring order and religion to life everywhere, in her father’s name. She is, unfortunately, severely deluded. Unable to impress the unmoving star that gave her life, she persisted at her ideals, striving harder and harder to acquire praise from Neos. Thus, her armies are notorious not only for waging endless religious wars, but also for erecting the most flagrant and excessive temples and idols known to Vega.

Kris’ is a religion of devotion, order and aesthetic. Her servants function as if her eye is always upon them and strive to conduct their roles with perfection that they may impress her, just as she aims to impress her father. Slave to soldier, merchant to emperor, all who worship her conduct every small detail of their life in praise to her and without question. To dismiss your role in life, the role you were given, or to argue the meaning of a command is an immediately punishable offence, often severely so.

Her churches are many and they are lavish. When they appear outside elven lands they are similarly adorned, often more so, and are guarded heavily. Traffic in and out of her halls is thick as her followers attend to the many daily services and prayers required of them. In fact, simply to venture away from one’s mosque requires the express permission from a higher authority and often some manner of tithe. That having been said, worshippers of Kris who hold positions of authority are well taken care of live incredibly comfortable lives, their every need cared for as if to show the benevolent side of the Goddess.

Bathisda – Sovereign of Desolation, The Goddess of Entropy, The Measure of Death

Associated Gender: Feminine
Paths – War, Chaos, Destruction and Curses
Alignments – Vengeance, Conflict, Counter-Balance, Chaos
Weapon – Scourge
Skills – Prestidigitation, Acrobatics, Sneaks, Disguise
Avatar – (TBA)
Position in Solar System – 4th planet from Neos, farthest in system

Bathisda is the darker twin sister to Kris. To balance the order and expansion of life, she propagates desolation and destruction. In her eyes she does this to keep balance between order and chaos. Nevertheless, her jealous heart desires the chance to create life, and being unable to do so with grace, she makes and adjudicates the many constructs as though they were her “children” and bids them to bring disorder and suffering to the living creatures of Vega. Fair is fair, after all.

Bathisda was never inherently an aspect of desolation.Her contempt for her sister, and for life was the product of cosmic forces and un-returned love, rather than true malevolence. Upon the birthing of the twins, Kris and Bathisda, they were both held close to the warmth of their creator, Neos. Over time however, Bathisda began to drift farther and farther from the light of her parent, while Kris remained bathed in holy light. It is not the business of Neos to affect the paths of the cosmos. Everything is balanced with reasons, and if this meant the alienation of a daughter, then so be it. Bathisda however did not share this revelation and still focuses her energies on taunting and disrupting her sisters many pious exploits.

Those who worship Bathisda are often alienated and ostracized themselves. The forsaken children of nations the world over turn to the dark mistress for solidarity and guidance in retribution against those who have cast them away. By policy, no soul shall be refused at the gates of Bathisda and individuality is highly valued amongst her servants. Her promise: that all those who aid in her vengeance against her sister will see the smiting of their tormentors at her hand.

Her churches are scattered and lack office or order, naturally. Thus, devote followers are taught secret ways by which to communicate their membership with one another. By nature, Bathisda’s representatives must be secretive about their work, though many would choose this regardless of doctrine. Slaying her sisters followers is forbidden unless provoked. It is the only ruled her children must adhere. Otherwise, their duty is to bring about chaos and disorder to other churches, and to do so in whatever creative and individual suits their talents.

Amos – The Soul Conduit, Spirit Keeper, The Dream Eater

Associated Gender: Typically Masculine (though not exclusively)
Paths – Spirits, Life, Death
Alignments – Balance, Mortality, the Afterlife, indifference, emotionlessness
Weapon – Kama
Skills – Bluff, Search, Investigate, Disguise
Avatar – (TBA)
Position in Solar System – Satellite of Bathisda

Solemna – The Secret Star, Queen of the Night, The Spirit Sister

Associated Gender: Feminine
Paths – Magic, Knowledge, Secrets
Alignments – Study/Research, Espionage, Exclusivity, Patience, High Arcana
Weapon – Stilleto
Skills – Search, Investigate, Sneak, Blend
Avatar – TBA
Position in Solar System – (position unknown)

Espris – The Lucky Comet, Swift Traveller, The Gambler’s Star

Associated Gender: Masculine
Paths – Travel, Fortune and Deceit
Alignments – Trickery, Luck, Independence, Solitude, Risk/Chance, Bravery
Weapon – Shuriken
Skills – Prestidigitation, Disguise, Bluff, Haggle
Avatar – (TBA)
Position in Solar System – Occasionally passes through


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